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Ask The Motor Medics is the short form version of Under The Hood found on iTunes. It contains one call form the weekly call-in Automotive Advice talk radio show. Tune into Under The Hood on iTunes weekly for the full show. The show has great advice delivered in a fun and informative high energy show with news and how to advice.

Apr 30, 2018

Season 28 Episode 2 of Ask The Motor Medics. A short form version of the Under The Hood automotive talk show found on iTunes. The Motor Medics give their opinion of a few possibilities. Join them for their full shows of Under The Hood on your favorite podcast site. Search Under The Hood automotive advice show. 

Apr 29, 2018

Ask The Motor Medics is a M-F short form version of our Syndicated Radio Show... Under The Hood Automotive Talk Show
Look for the Under The Hood automotive talk show full version on iTunes today. The full show has lots of fun and giveaways and great car repair advice. On-Air since 1990 Under The Hood is...